• Centrifugal pump: Smooth operation. Small volume. Easy installation and maintenance. Efficient and energy conservation
  • Compact Structure. Low noise. Small installation space. Apply to light corrosive liquids
  • Stainless steel material. Long using life
  • Water supply system. Beautiful shape. Highly intelligentized. Friendly man-machine interface
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Heating Air conditioning Pressure boost Groundwater Domestic water supply Waste water Industrial application Petrochemical induastry Sea water desalting Fire fighting

VTP    Vertical turbine pump



Waster supply

Irrigation for deep well

Mine dewatering

Sprinkling and irrigation

Industrial wet-pit sumps

River/ Sea water circulation



Performance range


Capacity: Q up to 40000m3/h

Head: H up to 200m

Temperature: T up to 40

Speed   n 2900/1450/980 rpm

        3500/1750/1180 rpm


Standard material:


Bowl: Cast iron

     Stainless steel

Shaft:  Stainless steel

Impeller: Cast iron

        Bronze or Stainless steel

 Discharge head: Cast iron or carbon steel




Vertical single stage or multistage pump with mixed or axial flow impeller design, broad hydraulic coverage provides best selection to meet specific operating conditions. Fabricated or cast in, surface or underground discharge head, shaft and bearing combinations promote long life with options of open or enclose line shaft construction. It can be driven by VHS NEMA Standard motor, VSS motor or diesel engine through right angle gear box.

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